Writing Services

Writing Services

Here’s a quick run-down of my writing services:

Business Writing

Business WritingA blend of persuasive Copywriting and informative Technical Writing, my Business Writing services are as adaptive as the needs of your business. Whether you need operational manuals, a style guide for your business, proposals, or grant writing, we can get your project done!

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Copywriting IconSome say that the persuasion of Copywriting is an art. No matter what you call it, my Copywriting services will call your target audience to action. Together, we define both your audience and goals, and I will create the text to bridge the two.

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Technical Writing

Technical Writing Image--a computer with a graph on the screenTo inform and instruct, Technical Writing does more than just teach. Build loyalty and bolster your brand with instructional guides, tutorials, user manuals and whitepapers that can have as much personality as your business.  I can also help your Webinar and Online Learning materials.

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Website Content Writing

Icon of hands on a keyboard representing Website Content Writing ServicesConversions are king! Website Content requires a special blend of CopywritingBusiness Writing, and Technical Writing through an additional layer of Search Engine Optimization. Paired with analytics, Website Content presents an opportunity for future revisions based upon real visitor data to maximize conversions and your ROI.

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Editing and Proofreading

Get your text close, and my Editing and Proofreading services will add the polish to get it through the final draft.

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