Working with a Freelance Writer

Working with a Freelance Writer

In order to get the best content for your Website, your Freelance Writer will need more information than your target keywords.  We write content that is organized around a keyword (give each page a job to do—only one job per page), but before we start the project, we need to discuss your business goals and target audience(s) for both your business and the Website.  We will also talk about how you currently provide value to each of those groups.

If this is the first time doing this sort of planning, or if it is time to revisit the decisions you made when you first started your business, we can assist you with this process.  Personally, I have been developing websites for more than a decade on a full-time basis, and am also a working SEO professional.  In the planning process, we can use my experience building hundreds of websites to get specific about who we are speaking to, what we want them to accomplish, and how we will provide them value.

The good news is that once we have completed this process, it gets easier.  If we start on one section of your website, we will complete all of our planning before we start writing the content for that area of the website.  When we start the content for the next section of the website, unless something has changed, we can jump right in and get started.

Though I am completely autonomous and will not need direct supervision, we will connect at different points in the process.  Depending upon your (desired) level of involvement, we can review the works at various stages of completeness—or, we can simply connect once the planning is complete and when the final documents are ready for review.

If you have a Web Designer/Developer who can add the text to your Website, I can deliver the final text as a Word Processing document, text file, PDF, or even converted to HTML.  If you need someone to add the text to your Website, I have over 15 years of experience hand-coding HTML/CSS, programming in PHP, AJAX, and developing websites using Content Management Systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, osCommerce, ZenCart, etc.).

My value as a Freelance Writer is in my ability to help you provide value to your customers.

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