Hire a Technical Writer

Hire a Technical Writer

Technical Writing Image--a computer with a graph on the screenTechnical Writing, as compared to Copywriting, has the primary goal of informing the reader.  Rather than relying upon other forms of argument (appeal to authority and appeal to emotion), Technical Writing uses appeals to logic as the primary basis writing these types of projects.

Most people believe that Technical Writing is only about producing dry, technical instructions and product user manuals.  Things like “do not put metal objects into your toaster while plugged into an active electrical outlet,” may actually be sentences that a Technical Writer will write, but that is only a part of what a Technical Writer creates.

This tutorial is an excellent example of Technical Writing.  Other than the sentence at the bottom of each description that provides you a link to the contact form, the purpose of this writing is to inform you about the different types of writing and teach you which services you might need for your project.  (Of course, if you just want a writer to take care of it, here’s the link for that form.)  In addition to Web Tutorials for your Website, a Technical Writer can help you develop longer courses for a Webinar or even an Online Course—though you may want an Online Learning Content Developer for that work.

A Technical Writer can also help your business standardize your internal and external communication.  By creating a Style Guide and assist in the development of memo templates, business letter formats/templates, and report templates, they can help you can ensure that your company interacts with the outside world in the most consistent and professional way.

Some companies have departments that are dedicated to this that actually ensure that each item mailed electronically or traditionally are formatted according to the company guidelines.  That may be necessary for larger companies, but for smaller companies, you can hire a Technical Writer to create a guideline for all employees and tell them exactly how to format business letters, emails, memos, and reports.

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Technical Writing projects include:

  • Product User Manuals
  • Human Resource Guide. Employee Handbook
  • Process Documentation
  • White-papers
  • Instruction Manuals and Documentation
  • Style Guides
  • Resumes
  • Online Course Learning Materials

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