Hire a Copywriter

Hire a Copywriter

Copywriting IconCopywriting, as opposed to Technical Writing, has the fundamental goal of persuading the reader.  It makes sense that Copywriters are an integral part of marketing and advertising projects.  A Copywriter is often given the task of translating the idea of designers into words—that can be shared with executives, designers and ultimately consumers.

Appeal to Emotion is a writing tool with a well-worn handle in the Copywriter’s tool kit.  A Copywriter working for an alarm company might persuade the reader to fear a burglar breaking into their home—as a reason to purchase services from the alarm company.  Or, they might persuade you to remember your childhood to persuade you to purchase a certain orange-flavored drink (that was apparently good enough for the astronauts).  Or, they might persuade you to purchase fresh, hot cookies from your favorite local cookie store.

In some instances, product and services messages may rely upon an authority endorsement.  A basketball player espousing that a pair of shoes can improve your basketball game is a great example—though the actual message is more likely mixed and has an emotional appeal embedded in the message, as well.

You will want to hire a Copywriter if you need your text to persuade.  This can be especially important in small bits of text, such as a product description for an online shopping cart or for the text on the packaging of your physical product.  A well-crafted, 20-word description can persuade a visitor on your website to click the link to the product page, read the full description, put the item in their shopping cart, and ultimately buy your product.

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Typical Copywriting projects may include:

  • Brochures
  • Short and Long Product Descriptions
  • Ad Copy for Flyers
  • Ad Copy for Posters and Billboards
  • Copy for Sales Brochures
  • Copy for Point-of-sale Printed Items
  • Creative Brief to define a marketing or advertising project

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