About Freelance Writer Tim Marsolais

About Freelance Writer Tim Marsolais

Request More InformationRather than a traditional resume, I have assembled my experience as it applies to each type of Writing Services that I offer on the Website.  If you have questions about any of the items below, or about me as a Freelance Writer, please contact me using our General Contact Form.

My Experience in Business Writing

I have been running businesses for the last 17 years.  In Denver, Colorado, I had a Commercial Photography Studio in the Lower Downtown Arts District for nearly 5 years, took Sales, Marketing and Advertising courses from SCORE, and enjoyed being a part of the downtown businesses.

Since returning to California, I have developed websites and custom programming for clients of Technology-Works, for more than 10 years, and currently, I am teaching Search Engine Optimization to small businesses with Business-Works.  In that time, I have assisted dozens of business with their business and marketing plans (in addition to my own), was the brand writer in a national rebranding campaign, and have written employee handbooks, training materials, as well as a private placement offering for the SEC.

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My Experience in Copywriting

My copywriting work began with promotional materials.  Most businesses need brochures and point-of-sale items.  Coupled with my minor in Studio Arts, 5 years as a commercial photographer, and plenty of design experience, I offered one-stop brochure, flyer and poster services.
In the last several years, I have written 6 scripts for commercials for various clients—both for Web and Television production.

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My Experience in Technical Writing

My Undergraduate Degree from the University of Colorado is English, Writing—and, the degree has it’s roots in technical writing.  I have formal training in writing instructions and manuals, interviewing and usability testing.

Practically, I was hired to write my first training manual nearly 20 years ago, and have been steadily completing projects ever since.  These include employee manuals, rules of play for a game, and technical instructions for product end-users.

While completing my Master’s Degree (English Literature), I worked full-time as an Online Course Developer where I learned (and eventually taught) teaching/learning pedagogy.  In addition, I authored and taught 15 courses at CSU, Sacramento for Faculty/Staff and produced much of the documentation for those courses (some were collaborations).  I also taught a fully-online English 1A course at a Community College with exceptional documentation requirements.

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My Experience in Web Content Writing

Make your Website content work harder for you with my Web Content Writing Services.  With more than a decade of experience building Websites as Technology-Works and currently developing Content Strategy and SEO solutions for clients with Business-Works, I can put more punch, jab, and pow into the words of your Website.

More clients.  More sales.  More calls.  More organic search traffic results.  You decide that actions you want your Website to create, and I will write the text that helps those goals become conversions.

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