Hire a Business Writer

Hire a Business Writer

Business WritingBusiness Writing is ultimately a writing specialization in the forms of writing used in the business world.  A good business writer will be familiar with general principles of business and marketing, and have some experience applying those principles to real-world businesses (both small and large).

Business Writing is not governed by the way the text is written—in that way, it is different than Copywriting and Technical Writing.  Most likely, a business writer will use both persuasive arguments and instructional text in various documents that belong in the Business Writing category.

If you already work with a general writer (or a technical writer), their skills may work perfectly in situations where you may need a Business Writer.  In some cases, however, you may want to hire a Business Writer for their specialized experience.  A writer who is already familiar with the structure of a Business or Marketing Plan, may save you both time and money.  In addition, that writer may have opinions and experience which can only improve the quality and reduce the time of your writing project.

A Business Writer presumably enjoys business and business-related writing.  He or she may have the same reverence for a well-wrought plan, or the application of market data into the next iteration of a product or service that you do.  If you prefer running the business to writing about running the business, a Business Writer can be the bridge between the tasks that need to be accomplished and your knowledge.

Lastly, a Business Writer may already have connection with banks, lenders, business coaches, and other corporations that may ultimately help you connect your business with other businesses and consumers.

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Business Writing projects may include:

  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Branding campaigns
  • Company Brand guides
  • Grants (though Grant Writing is a specialty)
  • Resumes
  • Executive Biographies
  • Annual reports

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